Re-reading Woody Guthrie’s Born To Win, I found again some lines he wrote to ‘Dear Australia’:

I hear old tales and dreams told in my newpage songs of other years and other times. I hear a curious twist and a mix-up of songs older than the human tongue, and newer than our new moon rattling silver spoons.

‘Home From The War’ is one of those tales and songs as old as the human tongue. I’m just another writer and singer to give voice to it. Is it ‘just a re-write’ of ‘Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye’, or John Shaw Neilson’s poem ‘The Soldier Is Home’? Of course. Not out of imitation, but because they all tap into the same age-old theme.

This one’s for ‘Unc’ and Dave and Jarryd and all the legions like them – men and women – who’ve returned from war unable or unwilling to talk about it. They’ve had plenty of good reasons. Because unless you were there, you wouldn’t know. Because only your mates or buddies do. Because you had experiences so bad you can’t put them in words even if you try. Because you don’t want to expose the kids to it.  But the result is that people find themselves fighting internal battles that can swamp them, and affect every aspect of their relationships. Once they called it shell shock or battle fatigue.. Now it’s called post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. But labels never do justice to reality.

And, not least, the song is for their partners.

‘Home From The War ‘ is also now on YouTube. The images, culled from many hundreds of archival photographs from both World Wars, convey something of the scenes that continued to haunt so many participants (civilian and military) for the rest of their lives. To do full justice to the power of the photos, it’s best viewed in Full Screen mode.

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