It’s the crunch under your feet of the gravel on the river bend, while the water sings polyphonies over stone.It’s the sound of car wheels on a lonely gravel road at night, alerting curiosity and suspicion. You never know what might be going on. Locals? Strangers? It’s the sudden bend that sometimes wipes out unsuspecting city speedsters, but more often some souped-up district rev-head trying his best not to see 21. It’s listening to Lucinda Williams’ great ‘Car Wheels On A Gravel Road’, and knowing. It’s the sound of a thousand of us guitar-pickin’ mopoke-toned male country/folk singers. It’s the magic improvised interweaving of Dave Blight’s note-bending harmonica and Garrett Costigan’s note-bending pedal steel.

Yep, Gravel Bend. The name felt right on every count.

This is our first offering. Time, fate and money permitting, we hope there may be more.

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